Secure Internet Applications

Multi-factor Authentication

Distributable Media 'Key'

Browser-less Connection

Virtual Application Environment

Protected from Client Computer

Any Time. Any Place: No Installed Hardware or Software

Seamless Integration to Replace Public-Facing Browser Systems

Highly Cost Efficient

No Browser. No Breach.


Unique capability to communicate with the outside environment totally securely, removing the need for vulnerable dedicated devices and taking advantage of the BYOD trend. Virtual applications disappear completely upon session termination.


Unique security capabilities including fraud prevention for Medicaid, Medicare and private insurers, a secure electronic insurance record with paperless explanation of benefits for providers and insurers, a protected application environment for clinical mobility and secure monitoring for vulnerable medical devices.


Unique capability to communicate with outside customers and institutions totally securely, protecting against systemic attacks such as DDOS while assuring confidence in online banking.

Vir-Sec's unique, patented technology provides strong multi-factor authentication using distributable media and then loads an application into a virtual session in RAM, bypassing the local computer drive. Vir-Sec provides full Internet functionality outside of web browsers. Browser-based log-on access is removed completely, eliminating security risks from plug-ins, cookies and other browser functions. Even if a client computer has been compromised, malware cannot record RAM activity and the local drive is never accessed. The virtual session closes out with absolutely no local record. As no software or hardware is required, Vir-Sec can be used any time, any place to access secure applications.




The most secure server is the one that is simply not available.

Vir-Sec connects clients directly to application servers without an intermediary browser. Attackers lurking on browser platforms who may target a server after they discover its location won't see it in the first place. The server becomes invisible as soon as the key is removed or the server ends the session according to a protocol, eliminating the primary point of access. Vir-Sec can be layered on almost any platform to replace the full functionality of vulnerable, public-facing browsers. To constrain and control your attack surfaces, not leaving any footprints to follow is key.

Virtual Environment

Browser-less connection

Multi factor authentication

Session ends immediately with no trace on local computer or path to server

Virtual application session in RAM, with no disc operation





359o of Attack Surface Eliminated

Vir-Sec® Technology U.S. Patent No. 8,074,261     © Vir-Sec, Inc. 2013